Grades 5-6 Health - The Body

Grades 5-6 Health - The Body's Building Blocks - Set

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(This course is published by Schoolaid, not by Rod and Staff Publishers.)


This volume is divided into two books [or "sections"], Book One and Book Two. Both books are written on a fifth-grade vocabulary level so that either one can be used for fifth or sixth grade. The reason for this is so that multi-grade classrooms can combine fifth and sixth grades into one health class. In doing so, you save class time (a precious commodity in a busy classroom), thus giving you more time for the class.

Combining grades means that one year both grades with have Book One; the next year a new fifth grade and last year's fifth students, which are now sixth grade, will have Book Two. Therefore it is important that both books are on the same level (one book is not more important than the other). It is also important that each book is self-contained (they do not depend on each other for information). That way it makes no difference whether a student has Book Two first or Book One. Of course, that makes it necessary to have some facts repeated in both books, but they are given in such different ways that it seems new again. Most knowledge taught in school is repeated and reviewed anyway because that is how the human mind best stores and retains knowledge.

Each book is divided into five chapters. Each chapters is divided into parts. Each part is followed by exercises to be done on paper. (Warn students not to write in their books.) At the end of each chapter is a chapter review. Chapter tests are available in booklet form.

The annotated teacher's edition contains many notes to help the teacher besides all the answers to the exercises and tests. Other activities are also suggested for various lessons, especially in the parts on first aid which needs class practice to be taught properly.

Book One

Chapter I - The Body's Building Blocks

  • Part One: The Story of a Cell
  • Part Two: The World of a Cell
  • Part Three: The Growth of a Cell
  • Part Four: Invisible Friends or Foes
  • Part Five: Fighting Invisible Enemies

Chapter II - The Body's Source of Power

  • Part One: The Human Machine
  • Part Two: Food Substances Our Bodies Need
  • Part Three: More Food Substances
  • Part Four: Energy Value of Foods
  • Part Five: Conserving Nutrients in Food

Chapter III - Blood, the Body's Lifeline

  • Part One: Life-Giving Blood
  • Part Two: A Unique Pump
  • Part Three: Manufacturers of Blood
  • Part Four: The Body's Natural Defenses
  • Part Five: Diseases and Disorders

Chapter IV - Safety and First Aid

  • Part One: Causes of Accidents
  • Part Two: Other Reasons for Accidents
  • Part Three: Practice Safety
  • Part Four: Basic First Aid
  • Part Five: Caring for Shock
  • Part Six: Bruises, Strains, Sprains
  • Part Seven: Bleeding and Poisoning

Chapter V - The Real You

  • Part One: Mental Growth
  • Part Two: Emotional Growth
  • Part Three: Spiritual Growth

Special Feature

  • Exercising for Fun and Health (Games)

Book Two

Chapter I - Nutrition

  • Part One: Importance of a Balanced Diet
  • Part Two: Studying Food Values
  • Part Three: More Food Values
  • Part Four: Still More Food Values
  • Part Five: Some Questions About Diet

Chapter II - Safety and First Aid

  • Part One: Water Safety
  • Part Two: Cold Weather Hazards
  • Part Three: Fire Safety
  • Part Four: Hiking Dangers
  • Part Five: Broken Bones

Chapter III - Structure of the Human Body

  • Part One: Its Physical Frame
  • Part Two: Its Government, the Brain
  • Part Three: Its Communication, the Nerves
  • Part Four: When Nerves are Damaged
  • Part Five: Brain and Body—Crippling Drugs

Chapter IV - The Body's Interior Resources

  • Part One: Food Processing Plants
  • Part Two: Transportation Systems
  • Part Three: Garbage Disposals
  • Part Four: Rebuilding and Repair
  • Part Five: A Special Attribute, Hearing
  • Part Six: Another Special Attribute, Sight

Chapter V - Emotional and Mental Health

  • Part One: Studying Personality
  • Part Two: Portrait of a Healthy Personality
  • Part Three: Meeting Handicapped People
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