Grade 1 Schoolaid Math - Numbers Flash Cards

Grade 1 Schoolaid Math - Numbers Flash Cards

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124 cards, 4" × 5.5"

These number flashcards include the numbers 0 to 9 with a box below each number containing dots to show the value of each number symbol. The rest of the cards include some numbers of every decade from 10 to 1000. To save space, and to cut down on the number of cards to handle at one time, we put tow numbers on each side of a card, but only one of the numbers is right side up at one time. That way there is no question as to which number you are using at a given time.

Number flashcards can be used for practice with number recognition, or in teaching sequence as in after, before, between, more, or less. Suggestions for use in these different categories are included, thus eliminating the need for having a different pack of cards for each different use. Make use of these handy skillboosters whenever the book recommends such practice or whenever pupils need extra drill in numbers.

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