Christian Ethics for YOUth Set

Christian Ethics for YOUth Set [PREV EDITION]

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These 1st Edition (1992) materials are not compatible with the current 2nd edition (2023).

A Study of the Book of Proverbs

Recommended for high school ages.

Table of Contents

Unit I - Virtues of Wisdom

  • Why Every Young Person Should Read This Book
  • Introducing Proverbs
  • Proverbs—Source of Godly Wisdom
  • The Beginning of Wisdom
  • Wellspring of Wisdom
  • Wisdom Helps Me Hear
  • Wisdom Helps Me Trust
  • Wisdom Helps Me Submit
  • Wisdom Helps Me Obey
  • Wisdom Helps Me Turn From Evil

Unit II - Two Ways

  • Fruitful or Barren
  • Peace or Conflict
  • Way of the Fool
  • Ways of the Wicked
  • Path of the Righteous
  • Curses or Blessings
  • The Choice Is Yours

Unit III - Christian Ethics for Daily Living

  • The Tongue of the Foolish
  • The Tongue of the Wise
  • The Foolishness of Anger
  • A Life of Peace and Happiness
  • Dutifully Diligent
  • Lethargy of Laziness
  • Paradox of Poverty
  • Wise and Wealthy

Unit IV - Ethical Problems and Solutions

  • Gratitude Versus Greed
  • Humility Versus Pride
  • Respect Or Rebellion
  • Thoughts—Index to Character
  • Triumph of Temperance
  • Strategy of the Strange Woman
  • Keep Thyself Pure
  • The Ideal Individual

Unit V - Wise Words About:

  • Friendship—Fellowship
  • Criteria for Counsel
  • Humanity in Human Relations
  • Parable of the Manners
  • Seven Pillars of Wisdom
  • Happy and Healthy, or Sad and Sick?
  • Six Fours of Proverbs 30
  • God's Wisdom and Ways
  • To Be or Not To Be
  • Topical Proverbs
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