Beyond Instinct

Beyond Instinct

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The communist propagandist, Matunin, came to the village to make a speech. The topic of the speech was "Where Did Faith in God Originate?"

After the speech, a ten-minute break was announced, after which a discussion was to follow.

Demian Lukich's thoughts were flying like lightning, from one of God's creations to another. He did not even notice that the break was over. He was thinking. Suddenly a new voice called him out of his meditation. This was the president of the meeting, Altschuller, who had come to the village. "Comrades," he said to the audience, "we will now have an exchange of opinions on the topics mentioned in the speech. Whoever would like to debate the speaker, or ask any questions, please come to the speaker's desk."

Finally, after Altschuller repeated his offer the third time, somebody in the audience said, "We would like Demian Lukich to debate the speaker!"

"Are you going to debate?" asked the president.

"No," said Demian Lukich quietly, "I did not have the intention to debate. I would only like to ask some questions."

Read for yourself the ensuing conversation between Demian, an humble bee farmer, and Matunin, the sophisticated and educated athiest. What might Demian's bees teach us?


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