The History of the English Bible - Audio CD

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45-minute audio CD.

The Bible has been the most important book throughout history! The all-time best seller, this Book has been printed in hundreds more languages than any other book.

The Bible was originally written in the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek languages of those inspired to write it. Devout individuals throughout the ages put many years of work into translating God’s Word into other languages. Before the printing a press was invented, copyists and scribes put weeks and months and sometimes even years into the difficult work of hand copying the Bible. All through history, godly men and women have sacrificed greatly to translate, produce, and distribute the Book for those who did not have it. Even to this day there are many Christians who are risking their own safety to translate and spread the good news of God’s Word.

In this audio production you will hear the stories of several men who risked their lives to bring the truth of the Scriptures to the common people in their own heart language. These heroes preached, translated, and printed the Bible even when faced with the danger of losing everything!

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Wycliffe's Story
  • 3. Hus's Story
  • 4. Tyndale Weeps
  • 5. Gutenberg's Story
  • 6. Tyndale Sleeps
  • 7. Tyndale's Story
  • 8. Epilogue and Closing
  • 9. Song
  • 10. Credits
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