Summer of the Lost Limb

Summer of the Lost Limb

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A true story for the young and young at heart

Young Mary is determined to walk the half mile to the small community school. For years she has dreamed of crossing the swinging bridge with the children as they walk to the schoolhouse, but a freak accident crushes her dream. Will she ever be able to walk, play, and live like other children?

Follow Mary through her ups and downs and surprises! Visitors bring new and unusual things. A trip to the big city brings adventure and the discovery of a new toy, the teddy bear, that would eventually become famous.

You will chuckle at Mary's courage and spunkiness in spite of the odds. Will she achieve her dream of walking to school? Her determination and faith make all the difference!


  • Preface
  • Mary's Family
  • 1. Lively Feet
  • 2. The Accident
  • 3. Kitchen Surgery
  • 4. Visitors
  • 5. Pink Pudding
  • 6. Helpers
  • 7. To Washington D.C.
  • 8. The Big City
  • 9. At the Factory
  • 10. Papa's Gift
  • 11. A New Leg
  • 12. Adjustments
  • 13. Grandmother
  • 14. Spring Days
  • 15. Threshing
  • 16. School
  • 17. Two Strangers
  • 18. A Difficult Day
  • 19. One-half Mile on Wood


  • Records from Maggie Rohrer Koogler
  • Record of Doctor Turner's Charges
  • Poem: To My Crippled Sister
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