Wisdom and the Millers - Proverbs for Children

Wisdom and the Millers - Proverbs for Children

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25 chapters illustrating great truths of life in story form. Ages 6-13.

A book from the Miller Family Series. Also available in Spanish.

"I have never been so impressed with a book for children. We hated coming to the end of it!"

—Jodi W., Granite City, IL

Make Proverbs come alive for the children in your home, church, or school! Here is a character building collection of lively, inspirational stories. Each chapter explains and illustrates a passage from the book of Proverbs, along with a story based on true life experiences.

Follow the four "Miller" children as they learn great truths of life and wisdom; sometimes through their parents' stories, and sometimes the hard way! Will a father's prayer keep his family safe from the burglar? Why did Timmy get a bloody nose at the family reunion? And what is the sad story behind their mother's wooden stool? Read about these, and twenty two other exciting stories.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Discretion
  • 2. The Froward Mouth
  • 3. Go to the Ant
  • 4. Rebuke a Wise Man, and He Will Love Thee
  • 5. The Multitude of Words
  • 6. As Smoke to the Eyes
  • 7. A Talebearer
  • 8. He That Watereth
  • 9. The Righteous Man's Beast
  • 10. The Lip of Truth
  • 11. A Companion of Fools
  • 12. Making Mock at Sin
  • 13. A Place of Refuge
  • 14. A Soft Answer
  • 15. Treasure and Trouble
  • 16. Pleasant Words
  • 17. Better Than the Mighty
  • 18. A Brother's Love
  • 19. Folly and Shame
  • 20. Envying Sinners
  • 21. Taking a Dog by the Ears
  • 22. Boast Not of Tomorrow
  • 23. Whoso Confesseth
  • 24. The Rod and Reproof
  • 25. A Woman That Feareth the Lord
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