Grade 7 Pathway "Seeking True Values" Set

Grade 7 Pathway "Seeking True Values" Set

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This grade level contains 111 selections of stories and poems in 9 units (poems indicated by italics).

The teacher's edition is a reduced copy of the workbook with answers filled in. The sections in the reader titled "Thinking It Over" have questions to develop comprehension; there is no answer key for these questions.

The test packet includes 8 tests and an answer key sheet. The workbook teacher's edition will indicate when each test is to be taken.


Unit 1: Moving Ahead

  • The Day We Lost the Game
  • Three Things to Remember
  • The Crop of Acorns
  • Only A Little Thing
  • We Plow The Fields
  • Who Plants a Seed
  • A Hard Day's Work
  • If All the Skies Were Sunshine
  • All For The Best
  • Halloween Boomerang
  • Please Him
  • The Tides of Providence
  • Where Love Is, God Is
  • Look Aloft

Unit 2: It Happened Long Ago

  • The Return of the Dove
  • The Link Between
  • Mary and Martha
  • Only Believe
  • One Thing I Know
  • A Ballad of Trees and the Master
  • Sign of the Fish
  • Forty Men for God
  • Jesus and Alexander
  • How Big Was Alexander?

Unit 3: Meeting the Challenge

  • The Gutenberg's Secret
  • It Couldn't Be Done
  • Bread To Cherish
  • A Plea
  • The Greatest Test
  • Where Shall I Work
  • God's Thoughts and Mine
  • No Turning Back
  • What Would You Do?
  • At the Crossroads
  • Stick-Together Families
  • One Minute Longer
  • The Wild White Rose
  • Gossip Town
  • The Simple Things
  • My Debts

Unit 4: In the Animal World

  • Coaly Bay, Outlaw Horse
  • What The Fawns Must Know
  • Evening at the Farm
  • The Humpy One
  • When the Cows Come Home
  • Lone Clearing
  • My Bird Sings
  • Love Among the Birds
  • Secret Things
  • The Little Birds of God

Unit 5: Helping Others

  • Charity
  • Three Lessons
  • Channels of His Love
  • Advertising For A Thief
  • Pass It On
  • Think Twice
  • I Shall Not Pass This Way Again
  • Road to Canada
  • What Is Success?
  • Somehow
  • Fair Exchange
  • Service
  • You Sent the Money
  • How the Great Guest Came
  • My Neighbor's Roses
  • If But One Year

Unit 6: Broadening Our Horizons

  • Who Hath a Book
  • Four Things
  • Region of the Gentiles
  • Great Plague of London
  • The Leak in the Dike
  • The Flickering Lantern
  • The Unbarred Door
  • The Johnstown Flood
  • The Forest Fire
  • The Village Blacksmith
  • Making Hay in the Olden Days
  • Anna and the Turkey Red
  • Twisters on Palm Sunday

Unit 7: Lives Worth Living

  • Benjamin's Message
  • Tinker of Bedford
  • No Monument for George
  • The Pioneer
  • Samuel Marsden
  • Traded for a Horse

Unit 8: Appreciating Our Past

  • Trek Across the Mountains
  • Baptized by Fire
  • Mistaken for a Pirate
  • Collar on the Wall
  • Horses in the Barley
  • Afterwards
  • Chimney Soot and Pokeberry Juice
  • The Old Lamp

Unit 9: Seeking True Values

  • The Bible
  • Friends are Like Flowers
  • Place of Deliverance
  • An Easter Canticle
  • Bless Them that Curse You
  • April
  • The Kite
  • The Gallant
  • A Home Song
  • A Song From the Suds
  • Just for the Thrill of It
  • A Shopping Trip
  • Lost Hour
  • Dollar Bill Mystery
  • A Thunderstorm
  • Remember Now Thy Creator
  • Farmer John
  • Thanksgiving


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