Grade 4 Pathway Vocabulary "Working With Words" Set

Grade 4 Pathway Vocabulary "Working With Words" Set

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Vocabulary supplement to Grade 4 Pathway Reading.

The workbook contains 42 lessons, 2 pages per lesson, with most lessons divided into 3 sections each (some of the later lessons have 4 sections): A) match words with definitions; B) use words from section A; C) and D) various exercises. Every 4th lesson includes a review section instead of section C. Every 8th lesson includes a test after the review. There are a total of 5 tests, found in the back of the book, which may be cut out and reserved.

The quizzes workbook includes a 1-page quiz to accompany each lesson.

The teacher's edition and quiz answer key booklet are copies of the student books with answers filled in.

To the Teacher...

This workbook is designed especially for fourth graders in Amish parochial schools. Some of the words are found in the reader, Building Our Lives, while others were selected elsewhere. Hopefully these exercises will prepare pupils for more difficult work in future grades.

Many children will be able to do these lessons on their own with the help of a dictionary, if necessary. However, the teacher can make the work more interesting (and educational) by going over the words with the class, making sure they are pronounced correctly. Then it is always fun to give the meaning orally and have a race to find the right word. A teacher who enjoys working with words will have pupils who do, too.

The goal of this workbook is to have the lessons easy enough that the children enjoy them—yet challenging enough to be educational.

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