Grade 1 Pathway "Days Go By" and "More Days Go By" Workbooks (Teacher

Grade 1 Pathway "Days Go By" and "More Days Go By" Workbooks (Teacher's Edition)

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Workbook teacher's manual for Grade 1 Pathway Reading Series.


Days Go By and More Days Go By and the accompanying workbooks were prepared especially for boys and girls in Amish parochial schools. The stories have an Amish setting and relate true-to-life incidents which could happen to any Amish child. The teacher should help pupils identify with the characters in the story, thus making learning to read an interesting, exciting experience.

Each story in Days Go By has three pages of exercises in its accompanying workbook - a "Working with Words" page, a "Thinking about the Story" page, and a "Learning Through Sounds" page. The children should be asked to do the "Working with Words" page before they attempt to read the new story, since on this page they are introduced to all the new words which appear in the story.

"Thinking about the Story" should follow the oral reading of the story. The "Learning Through Sounds" pages should be done whenever suitable in addition to Learning Through Sounds Book 2. The pupils should be able to do most of the work in the workbook by themselves, although some of the exercises will need explanation and others must be administered by the teacher.

Besides the exercises in the workbook, the teacher will find ideas for extra work in this teachers' edition, which she may use as she feels necessary and as her schedule permits.

In a previous edition, the teacher's edition did not contain the "Learning Through Sounds" pages. The current (2012) edition contains the answer keys for these, along with accompanying notes.

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