Grade 1 Pathway "Learning Through Sounds" Book 2

Grade 1 Pathway "Learning Through Sounds" Book 2

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Phonics workbook for Grade 1 Pathway Reading Series.

To the teacher...

This workbook has been prepared especially for first graders, to follow Learning Through Sounds, Book 1. All the sounds taught in Book 1 are reviewed on the first pages of this workbook, and then the consonant blends, long vowels, consonant and vowel digraphs, and some of the diphthongs are introduced and taught. Great care was taken to reinforce and review each sound repeatedly, but no workbook can take the place of daily drilling. The teacher is encourage to work with her pupils until they recognize each sound automatically the instant they see it.

No teacher should attempt to teach the lessons in this workbook without the aid of its accompanying teacher's manual. The manual contains complete instructions, plus ideas for games and activities that help the children learn and remember the sounds. The manual, however, should not be considered the "one and only" teaching method. It is merely made up of suggestions that should motivate each teacher to use her own imagination and adapt the ideas to fit her way of teaching and her first grade.

The first part of this workbook has no children instructions. They are thoroughly explained in the teacher's manual. Later on, when the children should be able to read the instructions, they are included on the pages.

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