Prayers and Peanut Butter: The Mother Book

Prayers and Peanut Butter: The Mother Book

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Every mother wants to have her act together. We want to love our family, breeze through our work, and never have peanut butter on the floor. Reality is different. Milk spills, children whine, and we make mistakes. Where is that high calling, that noble work we've always heard about? If we had to write an essay on motherhood, it might read like this:


I know absolutely nothing about being a mother—nothing at all.

The End

Prayers and Peanut Butter is about the high and noble as well as the down-and-dirty part of motherhood. You'll find poems, pastor quotes, wisdom from other mothers, helps from the Bible, tips on getting children ready to leave, ways to make the most of your time, ideas for family evenings, and inspiring anecdotes about mothers and children.


  • Introduction
  • Essay: What Nobody Tells You (About Motherhood)
  • 1. Stabilizing the Boat
  • 2. To Buy an Hour
  • 3. Closed Today—Back Monday
  • 4. Sleep When the Baby Sleeps
  • 5. The Privilege—The Treasure
  • 6. The Thirty Minute Ride
  • 7. Happiness Is... Wiping Noses
  • 8. Rest! Who, ME?
  • 9. A Blanket, a Book, and Mom
  • 10. The 279th Time
  • 11. Getting Rid of the Witch
  • 12. The Fat Old Thing
  • 13. Seven Minutes a Day
  • 14. Light in the Window
  • 15. Of Potatoes, Pardon, and Perseverance
  • 16. Molasses and Dominoes
  • 17. A Feast of Soup and Bread
  • Daily Inspirations for Mothers
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