Freedom's Star (Book 5) - [Rebecca Martin Heritage Series]

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Book 5 of the Rebecca Martin Heritage Series. A sequel to Clyde the Rebel.

This is a story of two families. Both lived in the United States. Both wanted to see Canada. It was 1816.

The Peter Miller you met in Clyde the Rebel is now grown up, with a family of his own. He is a wealthy Pennsylvania farmer who, along with his married children, moves in order to own more land. Peter and his family load an enormous Conestoga wagon and travel to Canada in style with a team of four draft horses.

Not so the Paul Bolger family. They are slaves on a Virginia plantation and they are fleeing from cruel oppression. Always fearful of the slave hunters, they must run by night and sleep by day.

Kind friends help the Bolgers along. Though not yet known as the Underground Railroad in 1816, a route exists where slaves find lodging as they flee. It's because the Miller family has a slave hiding place that they get to meet the Bolger family.

But the Bolger's can't stay long. They must go on, following the Freedom Star.

All the way to her new home in Canada, Betsy Miller keeps wondering, "Will we find the Bolgers when we get there?"

Table of Contents

  • [map]
  • Foreword
  • 1. The Dungeon
  • 2. How It All Started
  • 3. Fox Den
  • 4. Under the Yoke
  • 5. Dark Tunnel
  • 6. Sick Little Sister
  • 7. Plans
  • 8. Running
  • 9. The Rhoda Story
  • 10. A Cold Summer
  • 11. Safe-House
  • 12. Freedom Star
  • 13. Kind Stranger
  • 14. Jacob, Shem, and Jason
  • 15. Somebody Else
  • 16. Fugitives in Need
  • 17. Sunshine for Rhoda
  • 18. Sunshine for Jack
  • 19. A Ride Under Corn
  • 20. Across the Ice
  • 21. Kidnapped
  • 22. Investigation
  • 23. Allegheny Trail
  • 24. Barge Across the River
  • 25. Yippy
  • 26. Yippee
  • 27. Journey's End
  • 28. No Longer Afraid
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