Rebecca Martin Heritage Series - Set of 5

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  A Captain for Hans (Book 1) $6.99
  The Brickmakers (Book 2) $9.99
  Follow Me (Book 3) $10.99
  Clyde the Rebel (Book 4) $9.99
  Freedom's Star (Book 5) $10.99
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This series of historical novels traces some of the author's Anabaptist heritage over the generations—from Switzerland to Germany to America to Canada. The people of the past that are brought to life in these books faced decisions that affected the course of their lives—decisions that we can still learn from today.

  • A Captain for Hans
    1630s Switzerland. Hans Miller must choose which army to join.
  • The Brickmakers
    1670s Switzerland—Germany. Peter Miller (son of Hans) must choose between the life of a persecuted pilgrim, or some easier way.
  • Follow Me
    1710s Germany—America. Daniel Miller (son of Peter) and his family must choose the path they will take into future.
  • Clyde the Rebel
    1770s America. Peter Miller (grandson of Daniel) must choose where he will place his allegiance.
  • Freedom's Star
    1810s America—Canada. Betsy Miller (daughter of Peter) and her family must choose what they should do with their earthly prosperity.
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