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Caregivers (Volume 5) - "Keeper'sBook Series"

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A Keeper'sBook from the editors of Keepers at Home Magazine.

Strengthening the Hands of Those Who Care for the Elderly and Special Children

How we care for our elderly and special needs children among us in an indication of our love for Jesus Christ. ("As ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me.") The goal in Caregivers is to help us know how to think about our responsibility to the elderly and special children, and to give us lots of how-to and inspiration to do a good job—heartily as unto the Lord. Caregivers is written by 39 writers who have walked the talk. Be strengthened as you listen to their experiences.

Table of Contents

Caregiving for the Elderly

  • Mother's Hands
  • Treat Them Like They Are Jesus
  • Worn Tabernacle
  • Living on the Bottom of the Barrel
  • She Still Serves
  • Staff of Life
  • Home or Nursing Home?
  • Caring for the Crown of Glory
  • Watch with Me (poem)
  • In Their Own Words: A Messy Kind of Love
  • A Caregiver for 69 Years
  • Beauty for the Aged
  • Calling Your Name
  • Give Them a Break
  • Charity Suffereth Long
  • Whatsoever You Do
  • Face to Face with Alzheimer's Disease
  • Good Morning! (poem)
  • Caregiving: Our Family's Journey
  • Caregiver's Course (poem)
  • Storybook Endings
  • Giving Care Till Death Do Us Part
  • Grandmother's Legacy (poem)
  • Honey in Potato Soup
  • A Careful Giver
  • When It's Time to Say Goodbye

Caregiving for the Elderly (Written by or for Youth)

  • She Deserved My Love
  • Aunt Minnie & Aunt Opal
  • Caregivers in Training
  • Two Different Grandmas
  • In Memory of Grandmother (poem)
  • Caregiving at 14
  • Not About Me
  • Devoted Love

Caregiving for Special Children

  • A Letter to My Loved Ones
  • Caring for One of "The Least of These"
  • Perfect
  • To Do What He Wills
  • In Gratitude
  • Mary (poem)
  • Not Quite a Caregiver
  • My Future (poem)
  • Caring for Our Special Boy
  • To My Son (poem)
  • No Badge of Honor
  • The Grandpa That We Knew (poem)
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