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Penny Wise (Volume 4) - "Keeper'sBook Series"

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A Keeper'sBook from the editors of Keepers at Home Magazine.

Helping You to Be a Better Steward of the Resources God Has Given You

Packed with inspiration and information that will help you be a better steward of the time, money and talents God has blessed you with. 32 articles by 22 authors.

Table of Contents

  • Penny Pinchers
  • Pinching Pennies
  • Stewardship, Sense, and Self-Discipline
  • Insight from Grandma Martin
  • How to Save $124.34 a Day!
  • Mismatched Butter Plates
  • Understanding Sales Cycles
  • A Penny Saved
  • Ledges for Joy
  • How Pennies Pinch
  • Merely an Apple Pie
  • Winning at the Grocery Game
  • A Frugal Lifestyle
  • When Cardboard Won the War
  • A Penny Wise Garden
  • Shopping? We Live Off the Land
  • Cooking on a Shoestring
  • How Do You Manage?
  • Immortal Riches
  • Building a Marriage Without Draining Your Wallet
  • The Cheap Blues Cure
  • Faith in Twenty-Five Cents
  • The Botched Budget
  • Habits and Money
  • Four Levels of Financial Planning
  • How to Create a Family Budget
  • A Financial Word to Wives
  • 15 Tips to Avoiding Financial Pitfalls
  • Defining and Achieving Financial Freedom
  • A Tightwad Writer's Dilemma
  • A Lesson from the Apple Orchard
  • Confusing Conclusions
  • Resources
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