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Birth and Babies (Volume 1) - "Keeper'sBook Series"

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A Keeper'sBook from the editors of Keepers at Home Magazine.

In response to the hundreds of readers who have asked why Keepers at Home Magazine doesn't publish more than 4 issues a year, we developed the Keeper'sBook Series. Packed with over 40 articles from 36 Keeper's at Home readers and writers, Birth & Babies gives readers 64 pages of encouragement, how-to, stories and information—all about birth and babies! Birth & Babies feels, looks, and reads like Keeper's at Home Magazine, but it's a book.

Table of Contents

  • To Our Little Ones (poem)
  • Motherhood
  • With Child (poem)
  • The Time of Life
  • My Big Babies
  • Anything but Ordinary
  • Better Birth
  • A Word from the Womb (poem)
  • Common Pregnancy Complaints
  • What Shall We Name the Baby?
  • My Labor Petition (poem)
  • Coping with Labor
  • While Rejoicing
  • Dear Son
  • The Fruit of the Womb Is His Reward
  • Peace-Filled Birth
  • Diapering Tips
  • Why Breast-Feed?
  • Nursing Helps for Mothers
  • Beating the Blues
  • The Birthplace (poem)
  • My Struggle with Low Milk Supply
  • Potpourri of Nursing Tips
  • Herbs That Help Babies
  • Cloth Diaper Duty
  • How to Potty Train in One Day
  • Sunshine Boy (poem)
  • Potty Woes
  • Too Much! (poem)
  • Human Fertility, Preface
  • How Our Reproductive System Works
  • Consequences of Artificial Birth Control
  • First Days (poem)
  • Not My Will, But Thine
  • Is All Milk Equal?
  • Our Experience with TTTS
  • Pure Delight (poem)
  • Giving Them Back
  • Little One Gone (poem)
  • Precious in His Sight
  • What Is the Lesson, Lord?
  • Resources
  • No Wish for More (poem)
  • Passage (poem)
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