Homemade Cards - techniques and ideas
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Homemade Cards - techniques and ideas


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Fresh techniques and ideas for making your own cards

You rip open the envelope and pull out a card—a homemade card! You wonder how she found the time. You see a filmy pink ribbon (she remembers you like pink!) and beneath it tucked a cutout of a pretty still-life. It's a homey scene—a sun-splashed tabletop with a creamy blue crock bowl, a whisk, a yellowed recipe, a bright square of butter. "She remembers," you think, "she remembers that I like to mix and stir and cook and bake!" Something warm snuggles your heart. You tape the card above your kitchen sink—at eye level, so you can look at it every single time you wash the dishes.

Homemade cards do that. They can exude a warmth that makes the receiver feel so special!

Need a burst of inspiration? Here are some new ideas and original patterns that will give you fresh inspiration for making your own cards. With the popularity of making our own cards increasing (and costs for making your own almost as high as buying one!) artist and writer Charlene Kennell offers her tips and techniques. "Keep it simple and personal" is her secret.


  • Begin with a Hunt
  • Know Your Quarry
  • You'll Need Tools
  • Decorating Supplies
  • What Makes a Pretty Card?
  • All Set? Let's Go!
  • Stamps and Homemade Cards
    • Before You Buy
    • Ink Pads
    • Ink Markers
    • The Three Components Again
    • Backgrounds
    • Focal Points and the ABCD Method
    • Embellishments
  • Say It from the Heart
  • So What's a Scrapbook Card?
  • Making Your Own Envelopes
  • Patterns