Susannah's Quest

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A story of hope in adversity

"Only a Heckendorn," they said.

All her life Susannah found herself struggling to overcome the stigma of being one of John Heckendorn's daughters.

"Too lazy to work," people said. "He'd rather roam the woods like an Indian. No wonder they're so poor."

And poor they were. Poor, that is, in everything but children. Of children there were eleven and most grew up in other homes throughout the community.

Among them was Susannah. As a young girl she found herself forced to live with the Martins, a prosperous Mennonite family—fine Christian people. Or were they? Susannah learns early on that appearance can be deceiving.

Susannah's Quest is a true story, a sad story, a troubling story. It's a story of hardship, emotional struggles, and sadly of church problems.

And yet, Susannah's story is also a story of hope. Despite adversity, she rose above her past and finds peace and contentment in yielding to the will of God.


  • Prologue
  • Living with the Martins (circa 1885)
  • If Wishes Were Dishes
  • Pioneer Pains
  • Never Good Enough
  • A Broken Nose
  • Change in the Air
  • Iowa Community Begins
  • Ontario Turmoil
  • Diphtheria
  • New Faith and Large Fears
  • Divine Deliverance
  • Safety
  • An Adult Pupil
  • Betsy Insists
  • A Knitting Party
  • Susannah's Longings
  • A Letter
  • Susannah's Answer
  • The Third Letter
  • A Brave Reply
  • Waiting
  • Preparations
  • The Wedding
  • May City, Iowa
  • A New Beginning
  • Fitting In
  • The New Home
  • Learning to Be Thankful
  • Unrest
  • Blizard
  • A Welcome Spring
  • Problems
  • Pneumonia
  • Feeble Trust
  • Moving Plans
  • Leaving Iowa
  • On the Train
  • Snyder County, Pennsylvania
  • Relocating
  • Dark Memories
  • Baby Jacob
  • A Miracle for Joseph
  • Petitions
  • Oh, Maggie
  • Grief
  • Life Continues
  • Hard Times
  • A New Calling
  • Unrest
  • War
  • Moving On
  • Epilogue
  • Bibliography

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