Baker's Bible Atlas

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Also available as part of the "Baker's Bible Atlas" Study Set.


  • Full-Color Edition
  • Over 100 Illustrations
  • 87 Full-Color Maps
  • Index of Modern Place Names
  • Gazetteer
  • Time Line of Bible History

Much of the Bible is a history of God's dealings with his people Israel. The events it records took place in a specific geographical environment that involved many people and places. So to more clearly understand the Bible, it's helpful to visualize how Israel interacted with her neighbors and was affected by geography.

Baker's Bible Atlas gives you the tools you need to reconstruct the scenes of history—full-color maps, illustrations, color photographs, a time line, and more. The concluding chapters trace the continuing history of Bible lands, emphasizing the work of modern archaeologists. An index and geographical gazetteer help you locate significant places of Bible times on modern and traditional maps.

Baker's Bible Atlas is organized to follow the scriptural narrative, making it especially convenient for Bible study or textbook use.


  • 1. The World of the Old Testament
  • 2. The Land of Palestine
  • 3. The Table of the Nations
  • 4. The Empires of the Fertile Crescent
  • 5. The Journeys of the Patriarchs
  • 6. Lands of the Sojourn and Wandering
  • 7. The Exodus and Wilderness Wandering
  • 8. Palestine before the Conquest
  • 9. The Conquest of Canaan
  • 10. Palestine Divided among the Twelve Tribes
  • 11. Palestine under the Judges
  • 12. The Kingdom of Saul
  • 13. The Empire of David and Solomon
  • 14. The City of Jerusalem
  • 15. The Divided Kingdom
  • 16. Judah Alone
  • 17. Exile and Restoration
  • 18. The Hellenistic Age
  • 19. The Roman Empire
  • 20. New Testament Palestine
  • 21. The Life of Christ
  • 22. Early Apostolic History
  • 23. Journeys of the Apostle Paul
  • 24. The Geography of the Book of Revelation
  • 25. The Centuries Between
  • 26. Bible Lands Today
  • 27. Biblical Archeology in the Twentieth Century
  • Gazetteer
  • Index of Modern Place Names
  • Index
  • Scripture Index
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