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Tract - Meet My Friend [Pack of 100]

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Friends are one of the most wonderful things a person can have. Life would be empty without them. Real friends help each other whenever they can.

One of my satisfactions in life is to help my friends. But sometimes I can't. Their needs are beyond my abilities.

There's another answer to that problem. I try to introduce that needy friend to one of my other friends who can help. I consider that a privilege.

That's why I want you to meet my best friend. I have referred a number of people to Him. He has never disappointed any of them. Neither has He ever let me down. I can go to Him any hour of the day or night.

This friend has never rejected me or made me feel cheap for calling on Him. In fact, it's just the opposite. When I first met Him, I was down and out, helpless, and at my wits' end.

I was guilty of sin, and I knew it. The condemning knowledge hung over me like a thick cloud. Then I was made aware that there was someone who could help me.

Talk about a real friend! This person offered to forgive all my sins. He wanted to come and live right in my heart—all the time—every day of the rest of my life. He promised to help me through whatever troubles I would ever have. On top of that, He actually wanted to take me into His family and make me one of His heirs! And then, at the end of my life, He promised to take me to His home to live with Him forever!

Such an offer sounds almost unbelievable! Why would anyone so rich and powerful as he want me for a friend? But He does! And it's not just me. He wants to be a friend to everybody who is in need.

This friend is Jesus, the best friend anyone could have. That's why I am telling you about Him and want to introduce Him to you. He wants you to accept His friendship. He wants you to trust Him with all your heart. He will be everything to you too.

You might say you're not good enough to have Him for your friend. And that's right—exactly right. No one is. I wasn't either.

The good news is that He can make you acceptable by washing your sins away He will give you a new nature, which will give you not only the desire but also the power to please Him.

Don't just take my word for it. See it for yourself in the Bible. Read John 3:16 and see how much God loves us—so much that He gave Jesus, His Son, to die for us. Read in John 14 how Jesus went to prepare a place, and how He is coming again. Just to be sure you can be included in this, check John 3:16 and note that it is for "whosoever believeth."

No matter how good your human frends are, they are bound to let you down. Besides, when it comes to the needs of the soul, no human can meet that need. But Jesus is able to be everything you could ever need, because He is not only human but also divine. So He outshines the best of earthly friends.

Like any other friendship, at friendship with Jesus has two sides. You must do your part to make it work. Jesus doesn't force Himself on anyone. You must admit your need of Him and want Him. You must accept His terms and directions. It won*t work any other way.

But if you open your heart wide to Jesus and take Him for your Saviour and friend, it will work. And I can guarantee you that if you love Him as you ought, doing things His way will be no problem. You will even discover that Jesus is always seeking the best for you in everything.

Don't reject this offer. Accept this saving relationship with my friend Jesus. Those who don't take advantage of this opportunity will be very, very sorry. But if you make Him your friend, you will always be glad, not only now but for all eternity!

David Burkholder

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