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LJB - My O'clock Book

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A Little Jewel Book.

Judith is the youngest of 11 children. Their family lives on a farm. Join Judith and learn to tell time by her experiences through the passing hours on a typical day.

What time is it?

It is six o'clock. Judith opens her eyes. She hears her mother calling her older sisters to get up. Judith closes her eyes and rolls over.

Judith hears her sisters Rosa and Esther get out of bed. She hears them pitter-patter down the steps. The screen door creaks. Judith throws back the covers, dresses herself, and runs outside after her sisters.

"May I help feed the chickens?" Judith asks Rosa.

"Yes, you may," Rosa answers. Together they feed the chickens and give them water.

What time is it?

It is seven o'clock. Judith sits with her family around the table. They all eat breakfast together. "I have five brothers and five sisters," Judith thinks. She looks at each one and silently counts them. "With Father and Mother and me, there are thirteen people in our family. I am Judith, the youngest of all."

After breakfast, Father reads from the Bible and the family sings and prays together.


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