LJB - Elsie Waits Patiently

LJB - Elsie Waits Patiently

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A Little Jewel Book.

Elsie learns patience as she waits for her preschool books to arrive. After they arrive, she is thankful to God for helping her to be patient.

Elsie listened to Mother talking on the phone. Soon Mother hung up the receiver. She gave Elsie a warm smile.

"Elsie," Mother said, "I ordered some preschool books for you. I called a publishing house in a faraway state. A publishing house is a place where books are made."

Four-year-old Elsie liked books. She also liked to write, so she was sure that working in preschool books would be fun.

Elsie questioned, "Mother, when will my preschool books come?"

"Oh, maybe next week," Mother replied. "The books may come in the mail. Or perhaps the United Parcel Service truck will bring them."

The next day Elsie heard a vehicle driving in. "Maybe my preschool books came!" she said happily. But, no, it was the serviceman coming to check on the family's turkey flocks.


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