Bible Lands of the New Testament

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How much do you know about the cities and towns mentioned in the New Testament? Could you still visit these towns today? From Bethlehem's stable to Nazareth's carpenter shop, we follow the footsteps of Jesus through Palestine. We sail the blue waters of the Sea of Galilee with Jesus' disciples. With the apostle Paul, we visit Greece and Rome. Photographs help these far-away places become alive and real.

Bible Lands of the New Testament gives the Biblical accounts, followed by more current information to link the long-ago names and places to modern towns and countries.

Each chapter contains simple, hand-lettered and -colored maps that are easy for a child to follow in creating his own with the blank maps provided at the end of each chapter. Suitable for children in the lower grades.


  • 1. God's Promise Fulfilled
    • Bethlehem—City of David
  • 2. Jesus' Childhood Days
    • Nazareth—Secluded but Important
  • 3. "My Beloved Son"
    • The Jordan River—"The Descender"
  • 4. Jesus' Early Ministry
    • Galilee—Producer of Olive Oil
  • 5. Resting by a Well
    • Samarian—Without God, Confusion
  • 6. Jesus and the Sea of Galilee
    • Sea of Galilee—Refreshing Beauty and Breezes
  • 7. More Miracles
    • Bethany—Little Town in the Hills
  • 8. Jesus Near Jericho
    • Jericho—City of Palm Trees
  • 9. The Believers Scatter
    • Ethiopia—Visiting Ethiopia
  • 10. A Changed Man
    • Tarsus and Damascus—Trading Cities
  • 11. Persistent Preachers
    • Cyprus—Lovely Island
  • 12. Paul in Prison (Philippi)
  • 13. Riot at Ephesus
    • Greece—Home of Sailors
  • 14. Paul's Last Long Journey
    • Rome—Built on Seven Hills
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