Bible Lands of the Old Testament

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How much do you know about the cities and towns mentioned in the Bible? Where is the land of Shinar, where the Tower of Babel was built? Where did Terah go when he traveled from Ur to Haran? What sights would the children of Israel have seen during the years they spent in Egypt? What happened to the powerful city of Ninevah after Jonah's day? What became of Nebuchadnezzar's magnificent palace and beautiful hanging gardens?

From the Garden of Eden to the Israelites' return from captivity, Bible Lands of the Old Testament gives the Biblical accounts, followed by more current information to link the long-ago names and places to modern towns and countries.

Each chapter contains simple, hand-lettered and -colored maps that are easy for a child to follow in creating his own with the blank maps provided at the end of each chapter. Suitable for children in the lower grades.


  • 1. A Happy Home
    • The Garden of Eden
    • Iraq—Land Between Two Rivers
  • 2. Abram's Journey
    • From Haran to Canaan
    • Turkey—Land Between Seas
  • 3. A Hard Test
    • To Mount Moriah
    • Jerusalem—The Holy City
  • 4. A Strange Land
    • To the Land of Egypt
    • Egypt—Land of Pyramids
  • 5. God Delivers His People
    • Across the Red Sea
    • The Red Sea—An Important Waterway
  • 6. God Provides for His People
    • The Wilderness Journey
    • The Sinai Peninsula—Bridge Between Continents
  • 7. The Israelites' Plans Change
    • In the Land of Moab
    • Jordan—Home of Mt. Nebo
  • 8. Home at Last
    • In the Land of Canaan
    • Palestine—Land of Promise
  • 9. Jonah's Long Journey
    • To Nineveh
    • Nineveh—The Powerful Destroyed
  • 10. God's People in a Strange Land
    • From Canaan to Babylon
    • Babylon—Ruined Splendor
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