Bible Stories 3: ABC Book of Bible People

ABC Book of Bible People (Book 3) - "Bible Stories for Young Readers Series"

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Book Three of Bible Stories for Young Readers Series.

Belzhazzar was a wicked king. He used the gold cups from God's temple to serve wine. The people at and drank. They were merry. They praised the idols they had made.

Suddenly they saw fingers writing on the wall. This looked strange. Now the king was not merry. He was very much afraid.

What do you think the fingers wrote?

Here are short stories about many people in the Bible--about prophets, servants, wicked kings, children, mothers, and many more. Each letter of the alphabet is illustrated by one or more Bible characters. Written for young readers.


  • Introduction
  • A - Abraham, Adam, Aaron, Abigail
  • B - Baruch, Balaam, Belshazzar, Bartimaeus
  • C - Caleb, Cushi, Cleopas, Cornelius
  • D - Dorcas, Deborah, Daniel, Demetrius
  • E - Eve, Elijah, Ezra, Eutychus
  • F - Felix, Festus, Fortunatus
  • G - Gehazi, Gideon, Goliath, Gamaliel
  • H - Hur, Hannah, Hezekiah, Haman
  • I - Isaac, Ishmael, Ichabod, Ittai
  • J - James and John, Jacob, Jeremiah, Jairus
  • K - Korah, Keturah, Kish
  • L - Lazarus, Levi, Lydia, Luke
  • M - Miriam, Mahlon, Mephibosheth, Mary
  • N - Nicodemus, Noah, Naboth, Nehemiah
  • O - Obadiah, Og, Obed, Onesimus
  • P - Peter, Pilate, Philip, Priscilla
  • Q - Quartus, Queen of Sheba
  • R - Rahab, Reuben, Rehoboam, Rhoda
  • S - Saul, Shadrach, Simeon, Stephen
  • T - Terah, Tobiah, Thomas, Timothy
  • U - Urbane, Uzza, Uzziah
  • V - Vashti
  • W - We
  • X - Xerxes
  • Y - You
  • Z - Zacchaeus, Zipporah, Ziba, Zacharias
  • Questions and Answers
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