Olive and Her Lost Friend

Olive and Her Lost Friend

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Second book in the Olive Series; sequel to Olive.

Olive is a happy little girl who loves her family. She has a Christian father and mother who teach her about God and His ways. She has happy times with her sister Joy and her other friends in the community.

Olive also enjoys the animals on their little farm. She has her own special bunny named Clover. She can milk Daisy the goat all by herself.

One day Father has sad news. Daisy is not in the barn. She is not in the pasture. The family looks and looks. They call and call. But they cannot find Daisy. Where can she be?


  • 1. Olive Milks Daisy
  • 2. Company Arrives
  • 3. Just Like You
  • 4. Grandpa's Minivan
  • 5. At Grandpa's House
  • 6. Where Is Daisy?
  • 7. What Can Olive Do?
  • 8. Olive Goes Away
  • 9. Where Is Olive?
  • 10. Will Daisy Come Home?
  • 11. The Cart Ride
  • 12. The Family Prays
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