Olive Chooses to Love

Olive Chooses to Love

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Fifth book in the Olive Series; sequel to Olive and the Family by the Frog Pond.

The Morrison family has a problem. Their neighbor, Mr. Brown, is angry. He says that the Morrisons built their new goat shed on his land. Father knows that the survey papers say that the land belongs to the Morrisons. But Father is a Christian. He will not fight about a piece of land. What should he do?

Some strange things happen. The goat shed burns to the ground. Someone lets all the air out of the minivan tires. Gyp disappears, and Olive and Colin cannot find him for days. When they finally find him, Gyp is nearly dead.

What is happening? Who is doing these unkind things? Can Olive and Colin love the people who are trying to hurt them?

During this time, the Morrisons have a visitor living with them. The visitor is Sobhi, a man from Egypt. If Sobhi learned to love his enemies, surely Olive and Colin can too!


  • 1. A Strange Noise
  • 2. Sad News
  • 3. Blanca
  • 4. The Bird Man
  • 5. Sobhi
  • 6. Soapmaking Day
  • 7. To the Woodworking Shop
  • 8. Where Is Gyp?
  • 9. Piper to the Rescue
  • 10. What Do We Wear?
  • 11. The Browns
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