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The Story of God's Triumphant Remnant

Church history is full of mystery to the average Christian of today. Who were the Montanists? the Donatists? the Priescillians? the Waldensians? Were they heretics or Christians? Who was Constantine? Erasmus? Did the church fall in A.D. 312, when Christianity was legalized, or was it before? What happened to true Christianity during the Dark Ages? What was the Renaissance, and how did it help to bring about a spiritual reformation after the Dark Ages? Why did the Anabaptists refuse to become part of the Protestant reform movement of the 1500s? Where did the Mennonite Church come from? Can we trace our heritage back to the early church? Why did the Anabaptist churches flee from Europe? Where did they go, and what happened to them? Was the "great awakening" a true revival in the Mennonite Church?

This overview of the history of the church from a Conservative Mennonite perspective answers these questions and many others in an interesting, readable style. It is intended for those who do not have much background in church history, but it will also help others to orient their knowledge. Each chapter includes study questions to aid in group discussion of the ideas presented.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. The First Hundred Years
  • 2. Constantine—the End of an Era
  • 3. Medieval Reformations
  • 4. The Protestant Reformation
  • 5. The New Church Finds a Home
  • 6. The "Great Awakening"
  • 7. Important Historical Concepts
  • Bibliography