Kendra's Journal

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When Kendra opened her new journal and began to write on the first page, she had no idea what surprises lay ahead. She still lived comfortably at home with her parents and enjoyed her work at the bulk food store. Life was pleasant and rewarding. What more could she want?

But in one morning, her world fell apart with a suddenness that left her dazed and uncertain. Then—almost before she had time to ask—God opened another door. The brethren in Paraguay needed a schoolteacher. Would she come?

A schoolteacher? In a foreign country? Thousands of miles from home? No thanks. Not Kendra.

But God had plans for His daughter. Step by step, He led her into a future that proved to be full of unexpected blessings and rich rewards.


  • 1. Growing Older
  • 2. An Answer Before She Called
  • 3. The Decision Valley
  • 4. Family Ties
  • 5. If the Lord Be Willing
  • 6. Farewell
  • 7. Foreign Land and Unfamiliar Faces
  • 8. New Adjustments
  • 9. The Feelings of a Mother Hen
  • 10. Heartbreaking News
  • 11. The Smallest Kind of Way
  • 12. Special News
  • 13. Seamstress, Nurse, Mother, Writer, or Schoolteacher?
  • 14. The Stately Visitors
  • 15. Time Moves On
  • 16. Back Again
  • 17. Reaching Out
  • 18. What Next?
  • 19. Wintertime in the South
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