Stories by Aunt Naomi

Stories by Aunt Naomi

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"But it's all Elwood's fault," Helen cried. "He should have seen Esther, and he should not have been swinging so high. I don't want Elwood for a friend anymore.

Edna looked down quickly. Oh, no! The front of her dress was stained red with cherry juice! "I ate some cherries, Mother," she said.

"Did Uncle Lewis say you may?" Mother asked.

"No. But I only ate a few," Edna answered. "Uncle Lewis doesn't care."

Then a naughty thought came to Mary. "Go out the open bathroom window," a little voice inside her said.

"That is just what I'll do," Mary decided. She quietly pushed up the screen and crawled out. The window was close to the ground, so it wasn't far to jump.

For children, sharing their toys, making new friends, treating animals with kindness, and obeying their parents are everyday experiences. These twenty-three stories will help children understand how God wants His people to live.

Written for 4- to 8-year-olds.


  • 1. The Swing Accident
  • 2. A Willing Helper
  • 3. The Happy Way
  • 4. When Marla Forgot
  • 5. God's Flowers
  • 6. The Scissors and Sue
  • 7. Thoughts of Heaven
  • 8. Mitsy's Claws
  • 9. Making Friends
  • 10. Coloring Carefully
  • 11. Uncle Lewis's Cherries
  • 12. The Policeman
  • 13. The Storm
  • 14. Two Voices
  • 15. Communion Sunday
  • 16. Christmas Lights
  • 17. Three Sisters
  • 18. Hospitality
  • 19. God's Wonderful World
  • 20. Solita of the Philippines
  • 21. Corazon, a Filipino
  • 22. Morning in Nigeria
  • 23. A Day in Nigeria
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