Grandma's Song

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While Father and Mother are far away on a trip, Heidi stays at Aunt Sarah's house. It is special to stay with Aunt Sarah and hear her stories and help her with her work. Each day is filled with interesting tasks, especially since Aunt Sarah still uses many old-fashioned things, like a dry sink and a wringer washer.

Grandma lives with Aunt Sarah too, but Grandma can't walk around anymore. She can't talk or sing or eat by herself. She can only lie quietly in her bed. But she can still listen to Aunt Sarah and Heidi sing her special song.

This is a loving story about caring for the elderly, told from a child's viewpoint.


  • Foreword
  • 1. Wednesday
  • 2. Thursday
  • 3. Friday
  • 4. Saturday
  • 5. Sunday
  • 6. Monday
  • 7. Tuesday
  • Aunt Sarah's Vegetable Soup Mix
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