What Does the Bible Say?

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Lazy, white snowflakes are drifting from a cold winter sky. "How does God make snow?" five-year-old April asks as the snowflakes cover the bushes and bare tree limbs.

Four-year-old Edward has a question too. "Does the Bible say anything about snow? Does it tell how God makes it?"

Father and Mother and the Neil children turn to the Bible to find out. Yes, the Bible has some interesting things to say about snow. The Bible also tells about other things in everyday life. It tells about thunder and wind, birds and a ball, giving and forgiving, and much more. As the Neil family look at the Bible together, they gain a new appreciation for the beauty and truth of God's Word.


  • 1. About Snow?
  • 2. About Birds?
  • 3. About Winter?
  • 4. About a Ball?
  • 5. About Trees?
  • 6. About the Wind?
  • 7. About Neighbors?
  • 8. About Giving?
  • 9. About Courtesy?
  • 10. About Thunder?
  • 11. About Forgiving?
  • 12. About Work?
  • 13. About Summer?
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