Under Montana Skies - January to June

[OUT OF PRINT] Under Montana Skies - January to June

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First book of the Under Montana Skies series.

Rachel Appleby and her twin brothers Kent and Kurt find living in the northern state of Montana both exciting and challenging.

When the winds, snows, and below-zero days that have held them in winter's relentless grip suddenly give way to a beautiful balmy spring, the three Appleby children are filled with excitement as they explore the wonders and secrets of the advancing seasons.

They keenly enjoy God's beauties and the wonders that surround them—the flowers, the wildlife, the wonders of weather, and the large sky overhead.

Written to stimulate our children to love and explore God great creation.



  • Foreword
  • 1. A Sun Signal
  • 2. White and Wild
  • 3. Weatherman Beginnings
  • 4. Freeing the Thermometer
  • 5. Welcome, Arctic Visitors!
  • 6. A Winter Treat Spot
  • 7. Guest From the Polar Regions
  • 8. Hoarfrost and Chalcedony
  • 9. A Sight to Be Remembered


  • 10. A Mare's-tail and a Mourning Cloak
  • 11. Kent Turns Landlord
  • 12. A Breath of Spring
  • 13. Weather Flags, Woodpecker Housing, and Wildflower Records
  • 14. Sharp-tailed Grouse Parade
  • 15. Sand Lilies and Cattail Biscuits
  • 16. A Day at the Yellowstone River
  • 17. Happiness at Dawn
  • 18. The Sego Lilies
  • 19. Branding Day
  • 20. Bird Nest Collection
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