Summer of the Lambs

Summer of the Lambs

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Joyce and her family were sitting at the table when Father shared some exciting news. "Just last evening, Hugo offered me bum lambs."

"Oh, good!" Joyce squealed. "May I have one? I'll feed it, Father! You won't have to worry about it at all. It would come when I called, and it would follow me all around."

"Bum lambs die," Nancy said. "Remember last year when Hugo brought us so many? The only one that lived was the one Mother kept by the stove."

In spite of the difficulties in raising bum lambs, Father and Mother decide to try again. This time it will be Joyce's project, and although the others help, she is responsible for the lambs.

Through the summer that follows, Joyce lovingly cares for each little lamb. As she does so, she begins to understand beautiful lessons about life and the Good Shepherd who loves and cares for her.


  • 1. Can We Do This?
  • 2. Cade Lambs and Bottles
  • 3. Lambs of Jesus
  • 4. Finding Names and Finding Peace
  • 5. Rambunctious Birmingham
  • 6. Doctor Dorcas and the Vet Wrap
  • 7. The Biggest Lamb Went Straying
  • 8. The Lambs Begin to Stink
  • 9. Joyce Plays Pitch and Catch
  • 10. Can't We Do Something?
  • 11. More Bottles and More Milk
  • 12. Twelve Lambs Plus Ten
  • 13. Bottles and Blankets and Books
  • 14. As Lovely as a Picture
  • 15. When No One Sees
  • 16. The Shepherd's Voice
  • 17. Piccadilly Gets Hurt
  • 18. A Lamb and a Bell
  • 19. Two Lambs and Two Bells
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