Mary's Family Stories

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Mark was hungry, and he knew that Mother had a big box of bananas in the pantry. But Mother had said that he must wait to eat a banana until lunchtime. "If I could have just one banana," Mark thought. "Maybe if I go in through the cellar and up the stairs to the pantry, Mother won't see me."

Mark tiptoed up the steps and into the pantry. No one heard him as he took a bright yellow banana from the box. But disobedience does not pay, as Mark soon found out.

Esther and her mother had just taken a dozen eggs to their neighbor's house, and now they were on their way home. Esther had enjoyed seeing Rosie's pretty dolls, but something else puzzled her. Rosie and her family had a Christmas tree in the living room and bright lights in their windows. Why didn't Esther and her family have those things?

In addition to these stories, other stories teach about telling the truth, being a cheerful giver, failing to take responsibility seriously, and many more things. Mary's Family Stories is a collection of twenty-nine stories for children aged 3-8.


  • 1. No Bananas for Mark
  • 2. A Storm in the Night
  • 3. Pencil Problem
  • 4. Picking Berries
  • 5. Baby David
  • 6. Esther Wonders
  • 7. Peter Walks on the Water
  • 8. Helping Father
  • 9. The Missing Ball
  • 10. God Is Holy
  • 11. God Keeps Janet
  • 12. God Loveth a Cheerful Giver
  • 13. The Missing Hammer
  • 14. Big Sister Goes Away
  • 15. Dorcas Worships
  • 16. Helen's Responsibility
  • 17. Working for Jesus
  • 18. Unhappy Patty
  • 19. Surprise for Father
  • 20. A Happy Visit
  • 21. Lila Learns
  • 22. The First Man
  • 23. The First Sin
  • 24. Crusts Under the Bench
  • 25. James Is a Helper
  • 26. Mabel Walks Alone
  • 27. Julie Sits Quietly
  • 28. Helping Mother
  • 29. Childhood of Jesus
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