The Little Missionaries and Other Stories

The Little Missionaries - and Other Stories

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Also available in the Little Missionaries set.

Ginny cannot go to school or run and play like other children. But Janice and Donna love Ginny and are kind to her. Now Ginny is very sick in the hospital and they want to do somethings special for her. What can they do? With Mother's suggestion, they write letters to her and make a scrapbook. They are little missionaries and help cheer Ginny's long, lonely days.

Many examples of cheering the sick and handicapped are given in this story of the Little Missionaries.

Many more good examples are given in the other stories of this book which show God's love, protection, and care. Honesty, sharing, and helpfulness are woven into these stories in a way that little children can understand and relate to. Illustrated. Written for 4- to 10-year olds.


  • The Little Missionaries
  • A Verse to Remember
  • Naomi Wants to Help
  • God Watches Over the Farm
  • A Fox in Church
  • A Dollar to Spend
  • The Blue Pen
  • Jesus Loves Me
  • Danny and God
  • A Prayer for Father
  • Carol Loves to Give
  • The Secret Place
  • Love One Another
  • The Best Birthday Gift
  • Catherine and the Green Pear
  • Bad Words Sting
  • Grandma's Visit
  • Never Say, "I Can't"
  • "Praise Him for Your Parents Dear"
  • "Children, Obey Your Parents"
  • Let's Drown the Weeds
  • Janet's Doll
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