LJB - Little Jewel Bird

LJB - Little Jewel Bird

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A Little Jewel Book.

The adventure of finding and caring for a baby hummingbird.

The Tiny Bird

"Mother, Mother, look! See what we found!"

Two pairs of bare feet came flying into the house. Two pairs of bright brown eyes sparkled with excitement.

Mother looked. There in Leon's hand was a wee little bird.

The little bird's beak was long and slender. Its tail was very short. Soft, green feathers covered its back.

The bird sat quietly on Leon's hand, and looked up at them with bright little eyes.

"Isn't it a pretty little bird, Mother?" Lily stroked it very gently with her finger.

"A tiny little hummingbird!" Mother breathed softly. "Where did you find it?"

"Out in the lane," Leon answered. "It must have fallen out of its nest. I think it's too little to fly. Can we feed it, Mother, till it grows big enough to fly?"


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