The Lamb, the Lion, and the Light

The Lamb, the Lion, and the Light

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This treatise on the Book of Revelation is written to shed light upon the message that God sent to the churches through the apostle John. But Revelation is a source of controversy among many religious people. So strong has the controversy been that many Bible readers are inclined to leave the study of Revelation to people more scholarly than they. This is unfortunate, because Revelation has a message pertinent to the church today and should be an inspiration to faithfulness for God's people.

The Lamb, the Lion, and the Light is not intended as a final authority on Revelation. Neither is it intended to challenge those who may appreciate a different perspective of Revelation. Rather, it is designed to provide a tool by which to discover the blessings in store for the earnest seeker as he studies the Book of Revelation. The ultimate purpose of this writing is to exalt the Lord Jesus—the Lamb, the Lion, and the Light.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction to Revelation
    • Literal or Figurative?
    • Method of Interpretation
    • The Name
    • The Time
    • The Method
    • The Numbers
    • The Seven Blessings of Revelation
    • The Divine Perspective of History
    • The Church in Tribulation
    • The Symbols in Revelation
    • The Visions in Revelation
  • Vision 1: Christ Among the Churches
  • Vision 2: The Opening of the Seven Seals
  • Vision 3: The Sounding of the Seven Seals
  • Vision 4: The War of the Beasts Against the Church
  • Vision 5: The Pouring Out of the Seven Vials
  • Vision 6: The Binding of Satan for a Thousand Years
  • Vision 7: The Faithful Church Eternal
  • Bibliography
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