Four Days with Aunt Joanne and Other Stories

Four Days with Aunt Joanne - and Other Stories

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In this collection of stories about children, parents and children alike learn lessons about God and about life.

  • Clarence has the same disease his friend had who died, but Father and Mother help him to know that it is God who is in control of life and death.
  • David finds how much better truth is than trying to cover up wrong.
  • Elsie cannot sew or type like her big sisters, but she is just the right size for many other jobs.
  • Carolyn finds that a book found in the bushes is one that will fill her mind with poison.
  • Abbie learns that even when Mother goes out during church she needs to be good.
  • Lois finds that candy given to keep her from telling the truth does not "taste" very good.
  • Verna prays for Sister Janice.
  • Eldon discovers how special Mother is.
  • William begins to understand that if he wants to be a Samuel when he grows up, he had better listen and obey right now.

These children, and dozens of others, fill this collection of stories with true-to-life examples of boys and girls learning to please their parents, and appreciate God's ways. Parents will find many practical pointers for dealing with various situations they face with their children.

An ideal book when your child comes and says, "Please read me a story."


  • 1. Four Days With Aunt Joanne
    A Trip for Father and Mother
  • 2. Four Days With Aunt Joanne
    Rhonda Is a Helper
  • 3. Four Days With Aunt Joanne
    Jesus Helps Valerie
  • 4. Four Days With Aunt Joanne
    A Friend for Valerie
  • 5. Four Days With Aunt Joanne
    Father and Mother Come Home
  • 6. Troubles in the Workshop
  • 7. The Spill in the Shop
  • 8. God Planned Our Family
  • 9. Brave Like Daniel
  • 10. Why Am I So Small?
  • 11. Edward Prays for Roger
  • 12. David's Questions
  • 13. Ruth and the Bear Book
  • 14. Was James Awake?
  • 15. The Birthday Blackboard
  • 16. The Book in the Bushes
  • 17. Chicken Pox Lesson
  • 18. The Wrong Things to Talk About
  • 19. Tell Mother About It
  • 20. Whose Business?
  • 21. Micah's Conscience
  • 22. Lois and the Bribe
  • 23. Why Did She Cry?
  • 24. No Salve for Samuel
  • 25. What Will Tabitha Do?
  • 26. A Home for Amy and Anthony
  • 27. The Wrong Way to Give
  • 28. The Biggest Number
  • 29. A Good Example to Follow
  • 30. The Borrowed Dollar
  • 31. God's Wonderful Plan
  • 32. God Made Mothers Special
  • 33. Dorcas's Reward
  • 34. She Isn't Our Mother
  • 35. A Dollar to Disobey
  • 36. At the Indian Museum
  • 37. Sandra and Santa Claus
  • 38. A Good Listener
  • 39. Just the Right Size
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