Fall and Winter in North Carolina Forests

Fall and Winter in North Carolina Forests

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The world around us contains many surprises, as the three Wilson children discover. What is the pale green glow off in the woods the night they camp out? What secret does the white pine hold? This book will open the eyes of the reader to the many beauties God has placed here for our enjoyment, as well as showing many of nature's secrets about our small animal, reptile, bird, and amphibian friends.

This fascinating story shows a close family relationship and gives glory to the great Giver of Good Gifts--God.

Contains much factual material woven into the story for the earnest student of nature, as well as lists of hobby helps for the various nature projects the Wilson children enjoyed.


  • Foreword
  • 1. I Will Put My Trust in Thee
  • 2. Spiny and Quick
  • 3. The Ant Hostess
  • 4. A Friend in Green
  • 5. A Miniature Plowman
  • 6. Bristle-tipped and Scarlet
  • 7. Moonlight Concert
  • 8. Eight Legs and a Zigzag
  • 9. Hundreds of Flowers in One
  • 10. Under the Pawpaw Tree
  • 11. Red in Every Season
  • 12. An Autumn Treat
  • 13. Chewing Gum Tree
  • 14. With Help From the Beetles
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