Evangelists in Chains

Evangelists in Chains

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Nineteen-year-old Peter suddenly finds himself in the middle of intense excitement and adventure that tax to the limit his physical and spiritual resources. As an untimely death stares him in the face, should he speak the few simple words that will bring deliverance?

In the days and weeks that follow, Peter swings from depths of despair to plateaus of commitment, while the tensions of his circumstances mount, and the climax, though dreaded, is prolonged for days and weeks. Hunger, unnerving interrogations, sickness, and death become daily, lurking companions that wear away resistance, undermining faith, hope, and soul rest.

A book for teenagers and adults that will inspire courage, dedication, and a devout resolve to endure hardness for the Lord's sake, even if that decision brings death.

Table of Contents

  • The Hapsburg Empire (Austria) in 1539
  • I. In the Cabinet Shop
  • II. Swords or Ploughshares
  • III. Peter's Dreams of the Future
  • IV. Maria's Bedtime Story
  • V. The Conference Begins
  • VI. To the Castle
  • VII. In the Dungeon
  • VIII. A Dungeon, a Cathedral
  • IX. Saints in Prison
  • X. Accepted Into the Brotherhood
  • XI. An Inquisition
  • XII. Soldiers or Slaves?
  • XIII. Dark Winter Days
  • XIV. Farewell to Falkenstein
  • XV. On the March
  • XVI. Trial in Vienna
  • XVII. Letter From Home
  • XVIII. Evangelists in Chains
  • XIX. The Gospel Goes Forth
  • XX. Alfonso
  • XXI. Encounters in Carniola
  • XXII. On to the Sea
  • XXIII. Our God, Whom We Serve, Is Able to Deliver
  • Epilogue
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