Don't Call Me Different

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Every child, just like every snowflake, is a unique creation!

Melanie is only seven years old, but she knows that she is the oldest and must be brave. Her mother has cancer, and no one knows if God will choose to heal her.

As Ervin finally recovers from rheumatic fever, his doctor shares the shattering news: Ervin's heart is permanently damaged. Will Ervin ever be strong again?

Haying season has returned, and Douglas longs to help in the way his friends do. He's almost sixteen, but he's still too short to drive the big tractors safely. Why has God chosen to give him unusually short stature?

Clayton knows that taking a nature hike with his classmates would not be possible for him. Joanne tries to satisfy herself by smelling cookies rather than eating them. Grace befriends a blind girl. Why did Victor need to eat during classtime? Why did the doctor wash out Albert's wax factory?

Just as every snowflake is different from all other snowflakes, every person is created in a unique way by a loving God. These nineteen stories illustrate how God's grace can help people of any age to triumph over life's most difficult and challenging questions.


  • 1. A Sober Thought
  • 2. Cancer Again
  • 3. Clayton's Pump
  • 4. Strength—Genuine Strength
  • 5. Loving Faith
  • 6. Relief for Trudy
  • 7. Shunt Worries
  • 8. No Pussytoes
  • 9. Nothing for Joanne
  • 10. A Friend Like Dean
  • 11. And That Includes the Blind
  • 12. Victor's Snack
  • 13. Which Hand?
  • 14. Peanut Butter Hardships
  • 15. Albert's Wax Factory
  • 16. To Talk or to Eat?
  • 17. Such a Simple, Little Bookmark
  • 18. Lesson in the Hen House
  • 19. A Picnic With Uncle David
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