David and Susan at Wild Rose Cottage

David and Susan at Wild Rose Cottage

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Also available in the David and Susan set.

This second David and Susan book begins with a big surprise--a move to the mountains.

Exciting days follow as the family packs, travels, arrives, and get settled in their new home.

New for David and Susan are living on a farm, riding their sled on mountain hillsides, and going to a new church and school.

Then Snowball is lost, Grandfather and Grandmother arrive in a big snow storm, Susan nearly spoils her own birthday, and finally the biggest surprise of all happens.

In an atmosphere of family love and closeness, David and Susan learn many lessons, such as trusting God, working willingly, being courteous, minding their own business, and being considerate of others.

Those who enjoyed David and Susan at the Little Green House will enjoy this sequel.


  • 1. Moving Plans
  • 2. "May I Help?"
  • 3. Moving Day
  • 4. God Is Good
  • 5. In the Mountains
  • 6. The Busy Saturday
  • 7. The First Sunday
  • 8. A Snowy Climb
  • 9. "I Like This School!"
  • 10. Snowball Is Lost
  • 11. "Must I Work?"
  • 12. David's Little Room
  • 13. "Praise the Lord!"
  • 14. "I Am Afraid"
  • 15. Surprise for David
  • 16. Susan Is Curious
  • 17. The Pink Teddy Bear
  • 18. The Lonely Day
  • 19. Father's Surprise
  • 20. Mother Comes Home
  • 21. "Study to Be Quiet"
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