Creation and Salvation

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The study of science can be faith-strengthening or faith-threatening. On the one hand, the amazing wonders of the physical universe point directly to a wise and benevolent Creator. On the other hand, some observations and theories raise troubling questions. Many have had their faith in Salvation through Jesus Christ spoiled by their unbelief in Creation by God. This book is for those who want to come to faith in God or want their faith strengthened. Salvation is too important to be missed by unbelief in Creation.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • 1. "What Is Truth?"
  • 2. What Does It Take to Believe?
  • 3. The Rise of Modern Science
  • 4. How Modern Science Went Awry
  • 5. What Is Difficult About Believing in Creation?
  • 6. What About the Billions of Years?
  • 7. How Then Did the Cosmos Come Into Existence?
  • 8. The Fingerprints of God
  • 9. The Earth—a Testimony of Creation
  • 10. Whatever Happened to the Earth?
  • 11. Reality Testifies of Creation
  • 12. What of Salvation? Biblical Definitions of Sin
  • 13. Is There Really a World Beyond What We Can See?
  • 14. How Is Heaven Above Us?
  • 15. How Is Faith the Victory?
  • Appendix 1
    • Miracles Performed by Jesus Before His Death
    • Miracles Performed by Jesus After His Death
  • Appendix 2
    • God Can Do Anything He Wants to Do and Promises to Do
  • Appendix 3
    • Creation in the Bible
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