David and Susan at the Little Green House

David and Susan at the Little Green House

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Also available in the David and Susan set, and in Spanish.

When Father is seriously ill and Mother must go with him to a distant hospital, David and Susan go to the Little Green House to stay with Grandfather and Grandmother. Although being at the Little Green House is enjoyable, they miss Father and Mother very much.

Grandfather's stories at bedtime help evenings to be less lonely for David and Susan. Grandfather's stories are true ones about when he was a little boy. He tells about the big snow, stealing apples, being lost in the woods, the "dump box," the rats and the corn, trouble with pigeon eggs, and many more.

David and Susan at the Little Green House is written about little children and is for little children. Young readers will find it written simply and easy to read, while those still too young to read will love it as a "read to me" book.

There is a strong emphasis on living by the Word of God in the daily experiences of life that are common to every child. It is the aim of the writer (who is a mother and grandmother) to lovingly nourish little children and give them guidance by the Word of God in order to mold in them strong Christian character and conviction so that when the are older they "will not depart from it."


  • 1. At Grandfather's House
  • 2. The Big Brown Hound
  • 3. The Big Snow
  • 4. Stolen Apples
  • 5. The Telephone Rings
  • 6. Why Grandfather Was Poor
  • 7. Boy Lost
  • 8. The Big Rooster
  • 9. A Preacher's Son
  • 10. Washday for Betty
  • 11. The Dump Box
  • 12. Grandfather's Pig Story
  • 13. A Walk With Grandfather
  • 14. Rejoice Always
  • 15. Mother's Message
  • 16. All Together Again
  • 17. Pigeon Eggs
  • 18. Kitty in the Tree
  • 19. David's Birthday Surprise
  • 20. Bowls of Cold Soup
  • 21. Under the Bush
  • 22. Summer Days
  • 23. The Baby Bird
  • 24. Grandfather's Airplane
  • 25. Dolly Trouble
  • 26. Home Again
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