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"O Mother," begged Cindy, "may I write to my real daddy?"

"Never, Cindy! You forget that letter and never mention it again! Do you understand that?"

Just then there was a loud banging on Cindy's bedroom door. "So this is where your are!" Steve's thick voice reached their ears, striking fear to their hearts....

Terror clutched at Cindy's heart. The door trembled. Would the lock hold?

"Just you wait, Cindy! You'll be sorry for this when I lay my hands on you!"

"Why was I ever born into the world, anyway?" Cindy wondered. "How did people come to be here? Where did the world come from? When and how did it have its beginning?" Cindy rolled these thoughts over and over in her mind. It was hard to believe the theory she had learned at school that it all started from a little black dot that grew and grew, developing into many cells that finally became a monkey and then a man. That did not make sense.

"It's all right for Grandmother, but in my home I could never be a Christian. There is too much fighting and confusion.... Anyway, how do I know the Bible is really God's Word? Grandmother might be wrong?"

No, I know I'm not ready to die," sobbed Cindy into her pillow. "I'll go to hell, but who cares? No one would even care!"

Was there any hope in all the world for happiness for Cindy? Born into a non-Christian home to a mother who divorced her father, then married a divorced man who drank and mistreated the family, Cindy knew nothing of true love and security. Lying, stealing, strife, and mocking of sacred things was a way of life, but Cindy's heart cried out for peace, truth, and happiness.

Follow Cindy from her birth until she is a young adult in this true account of her joyless, stressful life and her despairing search for happiness, in which the faith of a newly discovered step-grandmother offers the only ray of hope.


  • 1. Little Cindy
  • 2. Cindy's Father Must Leave
  • 3. A Quick Decision
  • 4. A Stepfather
  • 5. Cindy Longs for Love
  • 6. Cindy Goes to School
  • 7. In the Wrong Company
  • 8. Stepfather Is Sick
  • 9. Many Changes
  • 10. A Visit to Grandmother's
  • 11. He Preached Right at Me
  • 12. Cindy Searches for Truth
  • 13. A Fearful Night
  • 14. Another Move
  • 15. Mennonite Neighbors
  • 16. A Visit to Church
  • 17. Battle With Conviction
  • 18. Cindy Finds Happiness
  • 19. Cindy's Family Mocks
  • 20. A Christian Home
  • 21. Trials and Loneliness
  • 22. Living With Grandmother
  • 23. A Faithful Church
  • 24. Decisions to Be Made
  • 25. Cindy's First Date
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