Pathway of Love

Pathway of Love

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A collection of over sixty stories on a wide variety of subjects holding special interest to young people.

Relationships—between boys, between girls, between boys and girls, between children and parents, between siblings—are all included in these accounts.

These stories include experiences of sowing and reaping, of selfishness and unselfishness, of honesty and dishonesty, of taking counsel and rejecting it, of willfulness and submission, of pride and humility, as well as other subjects of common interest to youth.

A number of stories on courtship are included, as well as some on family life. Some reveal the struggles of young people who are seeking the Lord but must stand alone with no encouragement from their families and friends.

These stories, the majority of which are true, are written in an enjoyable and readable style. Some are long, and some are short. All are interesting and profitable reading and will make a nice addition to the libraries of Christian young people.


  • Love Gives and Gives
  • Pathway of Love
  • Adoring Worship
  • Lily and the Bible Way
  • "This One Thing I Do"
  • True Fulfillment
  • Eldon's Battle
  • A Christian Example
  • A Love That Lasts—Family One
  • A Love That Lasts—Family Two
  • Inspired
  • A Chance to Grow
  • "Cast Thy Bread... Thou Shalt Find"
  • "In Deed and in Truth"
  • A Tribute to Godly Grandparents
  • "I'd Rather Not Go Along"
  • She That Thinketh She Standeth
  • The Things of Others
  • Eternal Fidelity
  • Treasures That Last
  • To Look On and Remember
  • Are You Grieved for the Affliction of Joseph?
  • "I'll Go West"
  • A Tribute to Godly Parents
  • Abounding to Every Good Work
  • I'd Rather Be
  • The Best Relaxation
  • Too Little to Live On?
  • Jessica's Unpardonable Sin
  • Riches
  • The Inner Circle
  • Ready to Grow?
  • Rest Through Prayer
  • Because He Is Distressed
  • Springing Water
  • Without Meaning
  • All You Need Is Jesus
  • A Country Living Room
  • Too Tired?
  • Courtesy Cues
  • My Father Loveth Zion
  • Thelma Finds the Way
  • Keys to My Heart
  • Too Many Toys
  • The Bruised Petal
  • "O Grave, Where Is Thy Victory?"
  • Joy in Service
  • The Important Thing
  • Castles of Sand
  • No Welcome
  • An Open Way
  • His One Desire
  • What Joseph Did Not Lose
  • In the Years to Come
  • "To Communicate Forget Not"
  • Let Me Die to Self
  • Must I Forgive?
  • Blessings in Disguise
  • "He Shall Not Die"
  • Making the First Move
  • "Unto the Pure"
  • The Sacrifice of Love
  • Trust On
  • Twenty Years to Hear
  • "In Honour Preferring One Another"
  • Because He Loves Me
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