Grade 10 Geography "Understanding World Geography" Set

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This course discusses God's home for man from a Biblical perspective. The hardcover textbook is divided into nine units, each with 2 to 4 chapters, for a total of 27 chapters. The first two units consider general themes about the physical earth and man's life on it. The other seven units each cover a major region of the earth. Each chapter has review exercises.

Understanding World Geography has a Quick Facts chart for 198 countries, plus the 50 states and the 13 provinces or territories of Canada. It has a pronunciation guide, a glossary, a map and chart index, and a general index. Each chapter begins with a Biblical focus, which includes a short Bible passage and a few pertinent thoughts.

The hardcover Teacher's Manual contains a reduced copy of each pupil's page, as well as copies of the maps, quizzes, and tests with the answers filled in. Surrounding the pupil's pages are the main points, the Christian perspectives, the answers to exercises, and other helpful information.

A separate Map Booklet contains 26 maps for students to label as they learn about different parts of the earth. (Other map work is included in the textbook.)

A separate Quiz and Test Booklet contains a quiz for every chapter, a test for every one or two chapters, and a final test (a total of 17 tests).

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

Unit 1. The Earth—God's Home for Man

  • 1. "The Earth Is the Lord's"
  • 2. The Physical World
  • 3. Climate

Unit 2. Man's Life on Earth

  • 4. Major Cultures of the World
  • 5. Economy, Industry, and World Trade

Unit 3. Anglo-America

  • 6. The United States
  • 7. The Eastern and Central States
  • 8. The Western States
  • 9. Canada

Unit 4. Latin America

  • 10. Middle America (Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies)
  • 11. South America

Unit 5. Europe

  • 12. Western Europe
  • 13. Northern Europe
  • 14. Central Europe
  • 15. Southern Europe

Unit 6. Northern and Central Eurasia

  • 16. Eastern Europe
  • 17. Russia
  • 18. Transcaucasia and Central Asia

Unit 7. Eastern and Southern Asia

  • 19. The Middle East
  • 20. South Asia
  • 21. East Asia
  • 22. Southeast Asia

Unit 8. Africa

  • 23. North and East Africa
  • 24. West and Central Africa
  • 25. Equatorial and Southern Africa

Unit 9. Australasia, Oceania, and Antarctica

  • 26. Australasia
  • 27. "The Uttermost Parts of the Earth"
  • Atlas
  • Quick Facts
  • Pronunciation Guide
  • Glossary
  • General Index
  • Map and Chart Index
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