Grade 10 Bible "The Completion of God

Grade 10 Bible "The Completion of God's Plan for Man" Set

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Grade 10 completes the series God's Plan for His People. It discusses the creation and Fall of Man, his sinful condition and need of a Savior, and God's plan of redemption and man's future as he responds to God's plan.

The Bible is the pupil's textbook. The workbook guides the pupil as he looks up verses and answers questions that include some multiple choice and fill in the blanks, as we as questions requiring essay answers. There are some time-line studies and vocabulary exercises involving less-familiar words. Some exercises teach Bible geography and the use of the Bible-study helps.

The pupil's book has 30 lessons divided into 6 chapters, a review for each chapter, and a final review.

The test booklet contains a test for each chapter and a final test on tear-out sheets.

The teacher's manual has a reduced copy of the pupil's workbook with the answers filled in. Oral reviews, main points, and others notes are in the margins.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - "What Is Man?"

  • 1. Man, the Climax of God's Creation
  • 2. Man, a Fallen Creature by Nature
  • 3. Man, a Finite Being
  • 4. Man, an Eternal Being
  • 5. Man, the Servant of God
  • Chapter One Review

Chapter 2 - Old Testament Literature Reveals Man's Need

  • 6. "How Should Man Be Just With God?"
  • 7. "Why Standest Thou Afar Off, O LORD?"
  • 8. "O Come, Let Us Worship"
  • 9. "How Long...Will...Fools Hate Knowledge?"
  • 10. "Behold, All Is Vanity"
  • Chapter Two Review

Chapter 3 - The Prophets Speak of Man's Need

  • 11. A Vision of God
  • 12. "Woe Unto Them!"
  • 13. "Behold Your God!"
  • 14. "Unto Us a Child Is Born"
  • 15. "The Remnant Shall Return"
  • Chapter Three Review

Chapter 4 - God's Plan to Defeat Sin

  • 16. God's Promises to Man
  • 17. Sin Brings Death
  • 18. God's Plan Foreshadowed
  • 19. The Work of the Redeemer
  • 20. The New Covenant
  • Chapter Four Review

Chapter 5 - God's Plan for Saving Man

  • 21. Prerequisites for Salvation
  • 22. A New Creature
  • 23. A New Relationship
  • 24. A New Start in Life
  • 25. The Body of Christ
  • Chapter Five Review

Chapter 6 - God's Plan for Man's Future

  • 26. The Christian's Hope
  • 27. "The End of All Things"
  • 28. "The Dead...Stand Before God"
  • 29. The Eternal Punishment of the Wicked
  • 30. The Eternal Home of God's Family
  • Chapter Six Review
  • Final Review
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